Welcome to the CZardi WikiEdit

This wiki is about my game called CZardi (pronounciation:Kaazarde or zarde it doesn't matter. I like the first one since it sounds cool). It's a online action fighting game created by myself.


CZardi is a online fighting MMORPG. It's a mixture of 3D animation and 2D platforming. The features include storylines, trading,  your own customizable gear, team up with the characters in the storyline , PVP, and many others to be explained. You get to choose between 5 different characters who's storylines are different from one another. The game also features skills and special moves to blow your opponents away and a huge hub world to explore and enjoy! I to disclaim and give credit to elwiki. I like their style of writing the characters and using the sections so all rights go to them! I also use Z and X to atatck like they do since its easier even though they use it! Credit to them again!

Latest activityEdit

The game is still under development. I'm having issues witht he hud world and it keeps freezing on me and I need to make it more realistic. So the game should be up by 2014. 9/15/13

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