I will not go down in the heat of battle!

Blazing Warrior Edit


Blazing Warrior has been amped with the power of magic. He can gain MP quickly while attacking or being attacked. His melee attacks are strong enough to pierce through armor and inflict major damage. He can defeat mutiple targets at once. He has a flaming fist to shoot fire balls and to make a large flamethrower. Most of the flame attacks require close range or long range. Blazing Warrior is suited for taking down large sets of mobs.

Background Edit

Striker has always wanted to be like his master/friend, Flaming Spikey. He knew he wasn't strong enough for the opponents ahead of him so, he sought guidance from Yosai, the great elder of the floating sky fortress. Yosai told him that he must gain the sacred, Azure Flame, in order to control the flames. After obtaining the materials needed to make the flame, he absorbed the flame, thus becoming, Blazing Warrior!

First Class Change Edit

Speed Striker  is required to be Lv17 to begin his first class change.
After completing the Warrior quest chain, He can decide between advancing as a Blazing Warrior.

Blazing Warrior Edit

  1. Savage Sword 0/1 Clear Leo Pyramids on Intense.
  2. Clear Great Desert on Hard or higher and get a S rank.
  3. Heart of Soul 0/1 Siege, 2-6 on Any Diffcutly
  4. Collect 50 Flame Shards in 2-5 on any difficulty.

At Lv40, Blazing Warrior can advance into Aura Zero.

Skill TreeEdit

Flame Wave Attack Increase Lv25
Pyro Mana Heat Thrust Lv30
Edge Blast Fire Spike Blazing Edge Lv35
Overage Blade Meteor Sun Super Armor Lv 40

Combos Edit

Combo Description Damage
Hold Z and then XXX


Hold Z  to do one slash and keep pressing XXX to do a huge flamethrower that takes away some of your magic.

Physical Damage 100%

Magic Damage 200%

Hold Down then ZZZ

Heat Geyser

Hold Down and then ZZZ to do a double slash and to create a small flame geyser under the players feet causing him not to knockdown.

Physical Damage 150%

Physical Damage 175%

Magic Damage 125%


Mid-Air Fireball

Press Up ZX to blast 2 fireballs in the air.

Magic Damage 50%

Magic Damage 100%

Hold Left or Right and then XXX

Fireball Barrage

Hold Left or Right and press XXX  to unleash 2 small fireballs and end it with a huge fireball.

Magic Damage 75%

Magic Damage 100%

Magic Damage 175%


Special Edit

Flame Wave
Fire Spike
Blazing Edge
Overvage Blade
Meteor Sun

Active Edit

Heat Thrust
Edge Blast

Stat Edit

Attack Increase
Super Armor
Pyro Mana
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