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Aura ZeroEdit

Specialty Edit

Aura Zero is one who has master the art of the blazing blue flame. He is capable of strong barrages of attacks while conjuring aura blue flames quickly to deal massive damage. People tremble before the blazing sword he wields. He can also generate metal spikes to keep the opponent on their toes.

Background Edit

Striker continued to his usual swordsmanship and had lost many battles. His flames started to get weaker and weaker. He realized he still wasn't strong enough to save everyone. So he sought guidance from Kentoa and started to grow wiser and stronger. Striker realized that the only way to surpass his limits is find the Blazing Sword. Searching for it, he found it laying in the stone in the Light Isles without hesitation, he pulled the Blazing Sword out the stone and his orange flames had turned blue. He felt a force increase his whole body. He felt the power of aura, blue fire, surge with in him. He rushed into the battle field and he was swift as the wind. He burned foes and smashed them in the blink of in eye. He felt the Force of Zero giving him more strength and power he needed. Thus people dubbed him, Aura Zero.

Second Class Advancement Edit

At Lv40, Blazing Warrior can advance into Aura Zero.

Aura ZeroEdit

  1. Speak with Kentoa in Seiker.
  2. Collect 30 Aura Fragments from the dungeons in Seiker.
  3. Defeat: Void Wyvern 2 times on Intense.
  4. Run the Light Isles 3 times on any difficultly.
  5. Blazing Sword in the Stone: 0/1 Destiny Dragoon in Light Isles Intense.
  6. Crimson Jewels: 0/100 from monsters in Beryl Cave on Intense.
  7. Zero Shards: 0/5  Negative Zero Arctic on any difficulty.

Skill Tree Edit

Burning Break Azure Invoke Lv. 45
Azure Slash Focus Nova Lv. 50
Fireball Mastery Lava Shield Hades Enchantment Lv .55
Aura Whirlwind Zero Fall Lv. 60
Zero Resonating Destruction's Howl Lv. 65
Aura Spiral Lv. 70

Additional Combos Edit

Keys Description Damage
ZZ Down X

Zero Spike

Striker does a double slash with his sword followed by a  metal flaming spike comes up from the ground then when the opponent is stunned he fires a fireball.

Physical Damage 123%

Physical Damage 150%

Magic Damage 124%

Magic Damage 145%

 Hold Side XXZ

Blazing Whirlwind

Striker spins his sword in a circular motion creating a giant blue vortex that covers his whole body that takes some magic out of the bar. The vortex can be prolonged by pressing Z.

Magic Damage 150%

Magic Damage 200%

Skills Edit

Ultimate Edit

Aura Spiral

Special Edit

Zero Fall
Aura Whirlwind
Focus Nova
Azure Slash

Active Edit

Burning Break
Hades Enchantment

Passive Edit

Azure Invoke
Fireball Mastery
Lava Shield
Zero Resonating
Destruction's Howl

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